Brake Rotor DevicePrevention of back injuries and cuts, abrasions and even fractures

Removing and repairing brake rotors and final drive assemblies is cumbersome and requires a lot of heavy lifting. Typically, a lift strap and forklift are used to remove the rotor for work.

To ease this process, mechanics fabricated a device that makes the job of removing these parts less cumbersome and time-consuming.

A 20-foot section of eight-inch channel steel was used to construct a platform on which the rotor and driver assembly rests while work is being done. The new device removed the hazard of employees having to stand under forklifts, and exposing themselves to back injuries, in particular.

Since the final drive no longer has to be placed on the ground, there is no cleanup, and turnaround time is decreased, also reducing equipment downtime.  With the newly-fabricated device, employees can complete three drive assemblies in one day instead of the one drive assembly in 1.5 days.