Business Continuity

Winner: Michael Stevens
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
National Cement Company, Inc.

Stevens has long been a leader in working with both state and federal officials on environmental and regulatory issues affecting the cement industry. As part of the Government Affairs Council and Energy and Environment Committee, he helped negotiate the settlement agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency that revised the final NESHAP rule and reset the compliance date. He also serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. As a board member of the California Nevada Cement Association, he works with state agencies, legislators, and local government officials to establish the cement industry as a leader in sustainable manufacturing. 

Finalist: David Perkins
Vice President of Environmental, Government and Public Affairs
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.

Perkins is actively involved in important committee and subcommittee work with PCA’s Government Affairs Council. His critical thinking and broad-based understanding of the market concerns of industry have helped to further advocacy efforts. As co-chair of the Sustainable Development Committee, he has been a tireless advocate and spokesperson for the sustainable attributes of both how cement is made and how it is used in infrastructure and the built environment. He also serves on the Industry Advisory Council for the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub.

Finalist: Nicholas J. Popoff
Vice President, Product Performance and Technical Services
St. Marys Cement/VCNA

As a long-time active member and now co-chairman of PCA’s Product Standards and Technology Committee, Popoff has worked with industry technical leadership to achieve consensus on a range of important sustainability initiatives. Under his leadership, the group developed detailed specifications for portland-limestone cements and requirements for durable concrete. Popoff is a valued member of multiple ASTM International committees and heavily involved with CSA’s technical committee on hydraulic cement. Over the last three years, Popoff has been an active member of the PCA Task Groups that developed both the Product Category Rules for Cement and the Environmental Product Declaration.

Market Development

Winner: Scott Palmer
Manager, Market Development
Salt River Materials Group

Palmer has been a tireless champion for the use of concrete wall systems in production homebuilding. During the past several years he has facilitated a partnership with Meritage Homes and Hercuwall, which has led to a large-scale pilot project in Goodyear, Arizona. The result is that for the first time ever a major national home builder is offering a concrete wall system for the same price as wood. In addition to the Meritage partnership, he worked with Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona to build their first negative energy concrete home, which was showcased on tour during the 2009 Greenbuild Convention in Phoenix. He co-founded the Smart Home Alliance to promote sustainable, energy-efficient residential concrete wall construction and is a founding board member of the Green Builder Coalition.

Finalist: David Gray
Market Manager
GCC of America

Dave has worked diligently and persistently with John Hanson of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association since 2009 on converting asphalt parking lots to concrete. Gray has converted two John Elway Auto Dealerships and a large country club parking lot in the past year. Working at the customer level, he has raised awareness of these opportunities to convert parking lots at ready mixed concrete companies and associations.

Finalist: Frank Lennox
Manager of Technical Services
Buzzi Unicem USA

During his tenure at Buzzi, Lennox created a successful promotional and educational program through the American Institute of Architects’ “Continuing Education Program”. He gave cement and concrete presentations to architects and engineers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. He also promoted and introduced new and emerging cement products such as pervious concrete, ultra-thin whitetopping , and roller-compacted concrete. He educated and assisted various ready mix concrete operations to offer RCC as a product. He converted several local asphalt paving contractors to place RCC instead of asphalt. Frank is responsible for about 250,000 cubic yards of RCC pavement. That translates to nearly 50,000 tons of cement.

Young Leaders

Winner: Scott Nielson
Corporate Environmental Manager
Ash Grove Cement Company

As a member of several PCA committees, Scott Nielson is an active volunteer who serves as co-chairman on PCA’s Energy and Environment Technology Subcommittee. Nielson has direct responsibility for environmental compliance at Ash Grove Cement Company’s midwestern cement and quarry operations. He has taken a leadership role in CEMS implementation as well as DAS implementation within the company. he has presented at several technical conferences including the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference in 2014, and he is involved in planning the IEEE West Coast conference.

Finalist: William Kissel
Environmental Manager
Titan America

Kissel has been instrumental in seeking innovative approaches to environmental permitting matters, which have strengthened the business and financial stability of the cement industry. Kissel assembled an expert team to negotiate emission standards with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, he sought out new technology that could further assist the industry for environmental monitoring. Software developed under Kissel’s direction is sure to pave the way towards more individualized monitoring technology at cement plants in the future.

Finalist: Austin Marshall
Plant Manager
Mitsubishi Cement Corporation

In relatively few years in the industry, Marshall has demonstrated technical and personnel leadership, service to the community and service to our nation. Austin has been with Mitsubishi Cement Corporation for 9 years, beginning as a summer intern while finishing two B.S. degrees in general geology and environmental geology. Starting as mine geologist, became superintendent in 2009, mine manager in 2012, and plant manager in 2015. He has been an active member of the Inland Geologic Society, Society of Mining Metallurgy and Exploration and Portland Cement Association. He is also active in community groups, notably the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club, and with the Big Bear Discovery Center. Austin is also an active member of the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve with over 21 consecutive years of service.