How does a developer attract occupants and gain community acceptance? They do so by offering superior safety, comfort, security, aesthetics, and savings. Non-combustible concrete and masonry construction resists fire, does not burn, and provides fire containment through compartmentation or division into separate sections.  In addition, these passive fire protection benefits can provide aesthetics, attract occupants, and appeal to investors.

Durable, high-quality, non-combustible concrete and masonry construction attracts owners and occupants for a wide variety of reasons. Such construction will result in higher appreciation value while providing excellent fire safety protection, and can accommodate any aesthetic design.

Owners will appreciate the low maintenance, low operating costs, and reduced insurance premiums that accompany concrete and masonry construction. Knowledgeable occupants will seek the savings, comfort, and security that these buildings offer.

Low maintenance appeals to occupants not only because of the cost savings, but also for reduced intrusions on life style. Concrete and masonry construction can increase comfort by providing excellent sound control between living units and public spaces. Additionally, the inherent durability and robustness of concrete provides unique security and safety advantages. Insurance providers recognize the increased durability and safety provided with concrete and masonry construction. This is reflected not only in reduced insurance policy premiums for the building, but also for policies covering occupants’ contents.

Quality multi-family residences built with non-combustible concrete and masonry, and the occupants they attract, will gain community acceptance for other buildings of this type and for the developer.

Consider building your next multi-family dwelling with:

  • Automatic fire detection systems
  • Automatic fire suppression systems (fire sprinklers)
  • Minimum two-hour fire resistance-rated non-combustible concrete and masonry separations between living units
  • Minimum two-hour fire resistance-rated non-combustible concrete and masonry between living units and public spaces
  • Minimum one-hour fire resistance-rated non-combustible exterior walls

When it comes to building construction that appeals to occupants, investors, and owners while providing superior life safety and property protection, there is no comparison to non-combustible concrete and masonry construction. For more information about combining smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, and passive fire protection visit the Pennsylvania Fire Safety Construction Advisory Council.