buildings_sprint2Situated on approximately 200 acres in Overland Park, Kansas, the Sprint World Headquarters Campus will create a state-of-the art workplace for over 14,000 employees. A total of 22 buildings will be constructed in five phases - 18 office buildings and four other buildings, for a total of 3.9 million square feet. The project began in July 1997 and is scheduled for completion in late 2001. In addition to traditional office space, a Customer Technology Center, several retail spaces, food facilities, a fitness center, and a childcare center will add to the amenities of the complex.

Design Concept
The complex will be built as a low-rise pedestrian-scaled college campus-like environment enhanced by 60 percent green space.Structural System. The structural floor system consists of long-span wide-module joists formed with 66-inch wide pans. For the bays spanning 39 feet 8 inches, 35 feet 8 inches, and 39 feet 8 inches in one direction, a 20-inch deep pan is used. A 16-inch deep pan is utilized for bays spanning 31 feet 8 inches, 35 feet 8 inches, and 31 feet 8 inches. All bays are 24 feet in the perpendicular direction. The joists are typically 12 inches wide, and the topping slab is 4.6 inches thick. Nonprestressed reinforcement was used for both the joists and the beams supporting the joists.


Sprint / United Management Company

The Hiller Group, Princeton, New Jersey

Structural Engineer:
 Kerr Conrad Graham Associates, Overland Park, Kansas
(now Walter P. Moore and Associates / Kerr Conrad Graham)

Construction Manager:
 J.E. Dunn Construction Co., Kansas City, Missouri

Concrete Formwork Contractor:
Ceco Concrete Construction, Merriam, Kansas