Reclaiming Manhattan’s West Side

office_mosaicFXFowle Architects' Dan Kaplan is driven by the thrill of urban life, and his recernt project, the Mosaic on the West Side of Manhattan, reclaims a former industrial area for a 677,000-square-foot complex combining residential, retail, and cultural space. Given that space is a limited and precious commodity on Manhattan, architects designing a building in New York can have their creativity constrained. However, using concrete, Kaplan created a new opportunity to strengthen and expand the Clinton neighborhood. Concrete effectively bridges over old infrastructure creating a vibrant space, where it was previously uninhabitable.

 “We couldn’t have accomplished this with any material other than concrete,” Kaplan said.

When completed, the development will be a model of efficiency, with a wide array of green building features. With an eclectic range of purposes, the Mosaic will be a monument to innovative design. The Mosaic is a mixed-use development designed as “mixing bowl” of public and private spaces to offer an attractive, convenient environment of cityliving. To accomplish this feat, the project will utilize a total of 34,000 cubic yards of concrete in its residential, cultural, and commercial uses. It will include two, 24-story residential towers rising high above two black box theaters that will be home to the Ensemble Studio Theater and the Intar Hispanic American Arts Center theater companies. At the heart of the complex will be a sloped central green space that will connect the various buildings. The building features a wide array of sustainable features including: recycled structural content, improved insulation, reduced heat island effect, and high efficiency wall design. This project began construction in early 2005 and is expected to earn LEED® certification from the United States Green Building Council, the foremost organization supporting the sustainable development movement.

The design for the Mosaic demonstrates how innovative design concepts and concrete solutions can synergistically solve sustainable development objectives and give back to the environment while offering an appealing option for urban living. Dan Kaplan’s vision for this space will strengthen the Clinton community on Manhattan’s West Side.


The Dermot Companies, New York, New York

FXFowle Architects, P.C., New York, New York

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Bovis Lend Lease