ICFs Used in 11-Story Buildings Speed Construction

luxury_watersideCompleted in 2002 and 2003, Waterside buildings IV and V are located in the upscale Waterside condominiums development at the Bay Beach area of Ft. Myers, Florida. A total of eight buildings are planned in the development by Giles Development, LLC and designed by R.J. McCormack Architect, Inc. The luxury condominiums are two- and three-bedroom 2,100- to 2,600-square-foot units. The ceiling heights are 9- and 11-feet. The total area for each building is 112,000 square feet.

luxury_waterside_icfThe two buildings utilize insulated concrete form (ICF) infill walls with stucco finish. Waterside IV and Waterside V buildings are among the few tall buildings that utilize the ICF walls built in North America. Each building is eleven stories with the first story used as parking garage. The structural floor system is 6 inches post-tensioned flat plate with reinforced concrete shearwalls as lateral force resisting system.

The first two buildings in the development were completed with concrete block infill walls. Developer Robert Claussen, president of Giles Development LLC, and general contractor Robert Ambrose, vice president of Ostego Bay Construction, evaluated the use of insulated concrete form as another cost effective wall system. After looking at several ICFs, Ambrose ended up choosing Reward's iForm because he was looking for a form with no interruptions to impede the flow of concrete in the infill walls. An estimated saving of more than 30 days on the overall construction time was achieved on each building because of the speed of the ICF wall construction.

luxury_waterside_constructiOne reason the overall construction time is reduced, is that other subcontractors were able work right after installing the insulated concrete form walls. Since the furring and insulation are completed right along with the steel-reinforced concrete walls, and because there is less waste and a cleaner site, very little time is wasted on cleanup after the wall construction is completed.

In addition to the speed of construction, the water proofing aspects for the ICF infill walls were beneficial for this site because of high humidity of the area. 


Giles Development LLC

Ostego Bay Construction, Inc., Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Structural Engineer:
R.J. McCormack Architect, Inc., Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

ICF Subcontractor:
Icon, Inc., Southeast Region

ICF Supplier:
Reward Wall Systems, Omaha, Nebraska