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PCA Board Approves 2016 Slate of Programs at Annual Meeting 


Meeting in Dana Point, California, last week, PCA’s Board of Directors approved budgets, programs, and dues rates for 2016. 

Speakers focused on trends affecting PCA and the construction industry:

Scott Rasmussen, founder of Styrk, provided insight regarding the upcoming presidential election and how changing technology will change consumers’ attitudes on politics and business.

Ed Sullivan, PCA group vice president and chief economist, shared his outlook for cement, concrete, and construction in general.

Among principle board actions:

> Re-elected John Stull (Lafarge North America) and Karl Watson Jr. (CEMEX USA) to one-year terms as chair and vice-chair, respectively.
> Approved extending the current dues rate in 2016.
> Approval of expanded research and promotion activities.
> Elected two new directors to the Board, Randy Vance (Ash Grove Cement Company) and Jason Morin (Continental Cement Company).

The next PCA Board meeting is scheduled for March 14-15, 2016, in conjunction with PCA committee meetings at the PCA Spring Congress (formally PCA Spring Meeting) in Chicago, Illinois.

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Market Intelligence

PCA Forecast Sees Continued Growth for US Cement Industry


During the PCA Board of Directors meeting last week, PCA Chief Economist and Group Vice President Ed Sullivan reported that 2015 cement consumption in the United States will continue to grow, but at a slower pace than predicted at the beginning of the year.

The United States’ cement market is expected to increase by 3.5 percent in 2015, followed by larger rates of growth in 2016 and 2017, 5 percent and 5.7 percent, respectively.

A slowdown in cement intensity is a significant contributor to the revised forecast. Cement intensity refers to the tons of cement per dollar of construction activity. According to Sullivan, the main indicators pointing to lower intensity levels are uneven regional construction activity, a slowdown in the number of starts, and the increased use of supplementary cementitious materials in concrete.

In addition, lower oil prices have significantly reduced construction activity in energy-dependent areas such as Texas and North Dakota.

Going forward, Sullivan stated that the underlying economic fundamentals are still strong, as reflected in the labor market. Sustained gains in monthly job creation in excess of 225,000 net new jobs monthly, in the context of sub-six percent unemployment translates into more consumer spending power, stronger state and local tax receipts – all leading to stronger construction spending in 2016.

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Regional News

Georgia City Paves Main Street with FDR

Spotlight_GA_FDR_FramedWhen it became clear last year that Tyrone, Georgia’s main street needed a complete restoration, city officials turned to full-depth reclamation (FDR) for the job.

Located 25 miles southwest of Atlanta, the historic town is now largely a bedroom community. Its 8-mile Senoia Road was once a Georgia state route and had major drainage problems stemming from years of asphalt overlays.

Engineering consultant Mallet & Associates recommended reconstruction with FDR technology because of the project’s tight budget and time constraints. Atlanta Paving and Construction received the contract and began work in April 2015.

The first step of the reconstruction involved milling over 3,000 linear feet to its original grade. A few inches were milled off the roadway and the FDR process began. Reclaiming to a depth of 10 inches and adding 50 pounds of portland cement created a stabilized base for the new pavement.

The project also widened Castlewood Road, a major arterial road to the interstate, to a uniform 22 feet. Full depth reclamation was an ideal way to accomplish the task which involved reworking multiple driveways to the elevation of the new road.

In all, 125,000 square yards of road was reconstructed in four weeks.

Tyrone city officials said they were pleased with the rebuilding project and that it will help ensure economic recovery and downtown revitalization.

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Education and Training

TMS Presents Masonry Testing Technician Review Sessions and Certification Examinations

The American Concrete Institute (ACI), in cooperation with The Masonry Society (TMS) and other industry organizations including PCA, recently developed two new certification programs – one for Masonry Field Testing Technicians and the other for Masonry Laboratory Technicians. The programs recognize qualified technicians performing various masonry tests while ensuring tests are performed properly.

In January 2016, TMS will offer two intensive Educational Review Sessions followed by ACI Certification Examinations in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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Education and Training

Purchase Discounted Tickets to World of Concrete

RegSmallBoxWorld of Concrete (WOC) 2016 will be held in Las Vegas on February 1-5, 2016. The largest, most comprehensive commercial concrete and masonry event for the concrete industry features more than 1,400 exhibitors and more than 100 seminars and conference sessions. New for 2016, WOC will launch an area for precast concrete, highlighting the latest products and technologies in the sector.

As a cosponsor, PCA offers discount admission to exhibits. By registering through PCA and using promo code A32, exhibits-only admission is $20, a $45-$65 savings. Additionally, PCA receives a rebate from Hanley-Wood based on the number of pre-registered attendees who come to the show.

2016 WOC Pricing (Some restrictions may apply):

  • Exhibits-only rates: $20 online thru show; $65 onsite with printed Buyer Invite, or $85 without printed Buyer Invite.
  • Seminar rates: 3-hour seminars are $130 before December 15, 2015 and $170 after; 90-minute seminars are $90 before December 15, 2015 and $130 after; 4-hour certifications are $185 before December 15 and $215 after.
  • Super pass packages: SP1-2s are $405 before December 15 and $525 after December 15; SP3s are $505 before December 15 and $625 after.
  • Rates for onsite seminars and super pass packages are the same as post-December 15 pricing.

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