The following sections will help you through the various issues relating to concrete slabs and floors (click on topic). You will find that there is much more than you imagined to that hard surface you walk on every day.

Concrete Floors and Moisture

floors_moistureIssues relating to moisture have been known to cause problems when using moisture sensitive floor coverings. However, with the proper materials, procedures, and workmanship, concrete floors can be constructed to provide years of quality service. Understanding how concrete floors and floor coverings can be protected from moisture exposure can help prevent troubles from arising.

Concrete Shrinkage

shrinkage_1The shrinkage of a concrete mixture can have a significant impact on the performance of floors on ground. Knowledge of potential concrete shrinkage can help minimize many problems.

Decorative Floors

floors_dec_stainDecorative concrete floors have seen no bounds as the creativity of artists and concrete contractors have crossed paths. Through the use of stains, stamps, dyes, colored pigments, textured patterns, ornate sawcuts, epoxied overlays, and more, concrete floors are becoming increasingly attractive for home and facility owners

Durable Floors

floors_slab_durableDurable concrete slabs begin with quality materials, good design, and proper workmanship. Beyond these essentials, measures can be taken to ensure your concrete slab is protected from the elements.

Elevated Slabs-Concrete Floor Systems

floors_elevated__100pxElevated concrete slabs and concrete floor systems offer a myriad of choices for architects and engineers in the building construction markets. Resources, design examples, reference materials, and design software products are available to facilitate incorporating concrete floors in achieving economy and durability in today’s buildings.

Industrial Floors

floors_industrialConcrete slabs on grade can be found in nearly every single industrial and commercial building. Whether they exist below a layer of floor covering or are exposed, slabs on grade provide foundation for all building structures

Radiant-Heated Floors

floors_radiantConcrete slabs not only provide a durable and decorative interior flooring surface, they can also serve as a giant radiant heat source. Called hydronic heating systems, radiant-heated floors employ tubes embedded in concrete and circulate warm water throughout the building.


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