Potholes Driving You Crazy?

by User Not Found | Mar 31, 2014
Pothole season is a rite of spring for northern-tier states. 

And it's a record year for spring break-up. The long and severe winter created an epidemic of potholes that extend well beyond the snowbelt.

But it doesn't have to be that way, says PCA President/CEO Greg Scott in an interview on Fox News.

"We have about 95% asphalt roads in this country, and asphalt roads are particularly susceptible to potholes," said Scott in the newscast.

"Concrete roads, which have twice the life of asphalt roads, cost about the same to build, cost less to maintain, and are better for the environment, being made from limestone instead of crude oil."

For decades concrete was the premium paving product, costing more than asphalt but lasting longer. Now, with rising oil prices, petroleum-based asphalt costs about the same as concrete.

As cities and towns look for ways to save on maintenance costs and avoid spring breakup, they are turning to concrete streets as a solution.

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