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Gleason Awards Finalists 2018

The John P. Gleason, Jr. Leadership Award honors PCA members who have exhibited industry leadership in advancing key association programs and initiatives. Named after John P. "Jay" Gleason, Jr., who served as PCA president from 1986 until his retirement in 2007, awards are presented in three categories: Business Continuity, Market Development and Young Leaders. Gleason was widely known for building consensus among cement companies and industry allies, and for his strong leadership skills. During his tenure, PCA membership rose from 57 percent to 98 percent of the U.S. industry.

Award Category: Business Continuity

Awards in Business Continuity recognize contributions that positively affect viable operations. These factors include regulatory advocacy, federal advocacy, research, standards, safety and health, and other initiatives related to manufacturing and operations.   

Brett Lindsay
Environmental & Energy Manager
Salt River Materials Group   

Brett has long been an active leader working on federal advocacy efforts on the PCA Environment & Energy Committee, including service as a past Co-Chair. As Chair of the Solid Waste & Water Subcommittee, he has led advocacy efforts on the 2015 Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Rule advocating for repeal, while providing industry suggestions to EPA on a replacement WOTUS Rule. Brett’s work in state advocacy efforts in Arizona include working on regional haze and climate change issues for the Arizona Rock Products Association. He also is an active stakeholder with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.       

Steve Minshall, 
Corporate Director - Health & Safety 
Ash Grove Cement Company 

Through his roles at Ash Grove Cement Company and the PCA Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee, Steve has proven to be a strong safety leader implementing many programs and initiatives to reduce workplace injuries. He has served on the OHS Committee for the past two decades, including serving as Co-Chair between 2015 through 2018. Some examples of his contributions include the MSHA-PCA Alliance, where he has helped the committee and industry better work with regulatory partners to support the common goal of safety. Steve has been involved in support of specific regulatory issues such as the Portland Cement TLV challenge and the OSHA Hexavalent Chromium and Crystalline Silica rule-making in recent years.

Steve Wilcox
Cement Technical Director
Argos USA      

Steve serves as the Co-Chair of PCA’s Product Standards and Technology Committee and Chair of ASTM Subcommittee C01.10 on Hydraulic Cements to improve the specifications and test methods that define Argos USA’s products. His close ties and communications with DOT’s and other organizations ensures transparency and permits flexibility within manufacturing processes as regulations change including PCA’s Limestone/Harmonization Task Group which has helped increase the acceptance of portland-limestone cements.  

Award Category: Market Development  

This category honors leadership in initiatives that increase the size of the market for cement and cement-based products. Factors include national and regional marketing and promotion, imaging and branding, federal and local advocacy, codes and standards, and MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub.  

Bill Asselstine
Vice President Sustainability
St. Marys Cement/VCNA  

Bill is an advocate of promotion and marketing from national to regional levels.  As an active member of the Government Affairs Council, Environment & Energy, Occupational Health & Safety, Buildings, and Sustainable Development committees, he continues to support all initiatives to promote our cement and cement-based products and supports the MIT CSHub initiatives using their information to further promote increased acceptance and use.  

David Gray
Market Manager
GCC of America  

David has been a consistent example to industry professionals, not only internally at GCC, but also to competitors, customers, and industry associates on how promotion can be both a fun and rewarding experience. Working at the customer level, he has raised awareness of the potential gains for cement and concrete in a broad range of construction markets and helped companies and associations create successful promotion initiatives. His work promoting concrete overlays over existing asphalt parking lots resulted in the city of Thornton, CO overlaying the Thorncreek Golf Course 90,000 square foot asphalt parking lot with concrete and has been instrumental in educating decision makers in the industry on concrete overlays.  

Lori Tiefenthaler
Senior Director of Marketing
Lehigh Hanson Inc.  

As Chair of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) in 2017, Lori successfully led efforts to improve the cooperative spirit and complementary missions of PCA, ACPA and NRMCA. The launch last year of, a joint concrete paving design and marketing tool by the three associations, is one outcome of her leadership in this area. Lori served on the Executive Board for the National Concrete Consortium and has made certain that the industry is aware of what could be accomplished through the Center and its relationships with FHWA, State Highway Agencies, APWA, NACE, the cement and concrete industries and academia.        

Award Category: Young Leaders  

This category recognizes up-and-coming employees at PCA member companies who will lead the cement industry into the future. These individuals demonstrate high potential for success in leadership roles and exhibit a strong commitment to PCA and the cement industry.   

Ed Griffith 
Vice President Sales & Marketing, U.S.
St. Marys Cement/VCNA   

Ed is a member of the Market Development Council, and the Paving, Industry Communications, and Regional Affiliates committees for the PCA and has been actively engaged in advocacy and industry promotion at the state, regional, and national level. His willingness to adapt and open approach and understanding is a bridge between the old and new. Additionally, Ed serves a on the board of directors for the ACPA and is very engaged at the Slag Cement Association currently serving as President.  

Gina Lotito
Vice President, Energy & Environmental
GCC of America  

Gina is an active volunteer and up-and-coming leader of the PCA Environment & Energy Committee, having served as Chair and Vice Chair of the Sustainable Manufacturing Subcommittee, and is a member of the Sustainable Development Committee. Gina has been active in promoting industry efforts to combust cleaner alternative fuels and leading PCA federal advocacy efforts for lowering barriers to the use of alternative fuels for the cement industry under the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials Rule.  

Adam Posly
Production Manager
LafargeHolcim US  

Adam has spent his cement career in multiple positions including international assignments, providing interactions with many leaders in different roles and cultures. He is a mentor to new engineers & personnel to his plant, and is taking this skill set to a larger audience with the CIC Young Professionals, an organization that educates those new to the cement industry on what a career can include and why to consider this industry.