Associate Member Awards

PCA's Chairman’s Manufacturing Performance Awards recognize PCA Associate Member company accomplishments in the advancement of cement manufacturing over the previous year in three main areas: innovative products, unique processes and best-in-class practices.

PCA Associate Members are suppliers, engineers and consultants that support cement companies in the production of high quality cement in the most energy efficient and environmentally sound way possible.

Entrants presented to a panel of PCA member judges earlier this year during a joint meeting of the PCA Environment & Energy and MTC committees.

1st Place

For development of an innovative down draft top-stage cyclone design. This designs sends de-dusted gas and material out through the cyclone bottom. That lowers upstream airflow, reduces the pressure drop, and minimizes the structural load. This design provides increased capacity, lower upper stage pressure drops, higher upper stage efficiencies and better specific fuel consumption.

2nd Place


For the innovation of using Panels of High MgO refractory systems to control excessive coating formations in Basic and Non-basic refractory systems. This innovation can reduce off-peak production and kiln downtime that normally would be required to eliminate these coating formations.  

3rd Place

BWF Envirotec

For development of the Pulse Flow Analyzer, which measures and analyzes baghouse cleaning pulses to the thousandth of a second to deliver hard data, drive results, and achieve best in class.