Building Resilient Homes

Concrete and masonry homes are resilient, they withstand high wind events such as hurricanes, tornados, and heavy storms. The building systems are adaptable to any type of architectural style to make homes beautiful and customizable. Environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and low maintenance, the homes are quiet and comfortable.

Home buyers who build with concrete make a solid investment in their future.

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Rebuilding Resilient: Breezy Point

PCA, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc. (FLASH), and others are partnering together to rebuild a home devastated by Superstorm Sandy. On the three year anniversary of the storm, plans are finally in motion to rebuild a resilient home, capable of standing up to any future storm. Follow our journey in Breezy Point, New York as we make it possible for Diane to go home again.

Further Reading

Shining A Light On Safety - Resilience Star Tackles Improving Ways We Build Single-Family Homes, by Jamie Farny, PCA Marketing Manager Buildings, Concrete Homes magazine, November 2014, 5 pages.