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Recommendations for Integrating Functional Resilience into LEED Programs

Many codes and standards efforts are currently consistent with the scope of USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs thus having emphasis on energy, water, and material resource management and conservation; indoor air quality; and site selection and development with a lack of appropriate attention to functional resilience. PCA has also prepared prerequisites for green building design and construction that may be used to modify LEED programs or used in conjunction with LEED projects. The functional resilience prerequisites are presented separately and identified for appropriateness for 1) Recommended Revisions to LEED for NC and CS  addressing new construction (NC), core and shell (CS), schools, retail, data centers, warehouse and distribution centers, and hospitality, and 2) and Recommended Revisions to LEED for Homes.

For an overview of the HPBRS and the concepts of functional resilience, click here.