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Deep foundations are a type of foundation utilized to transfer building loads to the earth farther down from the surface than a standard shallow foundation. They reach to a range of different depths or subsurface layers, and are an essential part of securing a firm footing for most of the high-rise buildings in our nation. Deep foundations can also be used in other geotechnical applications like slope stabilization and earth retention.

Utilizing cement for deep foundation applications is one of the most commonly used and effective methods to date. Materials are readily available in most regions, and can be poured in just about any soil conditions. The ability to work in tight spaces and take advantage of the chemical properties of cement to act as a natural binder to the soil allows for great flexibility when opting to use concrete for deep foundation applications.

PCA’s Market Development Department is staffed with engineers experienced in the use of cement-based technologies for a wide variety of infrastructure applications, and they are available to answer your questions. Learn more about their expertise and how to contact them here: Meet the Experts.


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