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2016 US Forecast 
Release Dates

March 15
August 30
November 15


2016 State Forecast
Release Dates

May 20
September 30
January 9, 2017

US Forecast, Summer 2016

PCA has made only minor adjustments to its spring cement projections for 2016 and 2017. Moderate growth in residential spending and somewhat slower growth in nonresidential and public construction activity translate into annual cement consumption growth of roughly 4% annually.

This forecast contains analysis and tables for the Economic Forecast, Construction Put-in-Place (billions of 2009$), portland cement consumption (metric tons), and the U.S. Cement Consumption Forecast (metric tons) for years 2013-2020. Available in PDF and Excel.

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State Cement and Construction Forecasts

Five-year forecasts for U.S. states. Forecasts of key construction indicators as well as projected residential permit activity, construction spending by sector, and cement consumption. Published three times a year and sold as All States or individual states. A subscription to State Forecasting - All States includes a bonus subscription to the Monitor Outlook Plus suite of reports. Available in Excel. The first of the 2016 State Forecasts series was released on May 27.  Subsequent releases are scheduled for September 30 and January 9, 2017.  All three releases are included in the price of the State Forecasts.

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Long-Term Cement Consumption Outlook

The Long-Term Report takes a 25-year forward look at the industry. Cement consumption, cement usage, and population trends are discussed and projected in five-year intervals through 2035. Released July 10, 2012. Available as a PDF.

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World Cement Consumption

Global economic and cement market conditions impact the United States cement industry in a myriad of ways. World growth conditions also influence concrete’s relative price versus steel, asphalt, and lumber - impacting its competitive position. This report provides rough assessments of global economic and cement market conditions that could impact the United States cement industry. Released May 22, 2015. Available as a PDF.

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