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The PCA Safety Innovation Award program recognizes projects and programs that improve safety at cement plants in the United States.

PCA's Occupational Health and Safety Committee is looking for examples of how the cement industry is making its plants safer places to work. The awards honor innovative practices, programs, and projects throughout the industry. Broadly, the program communicates these ideas to others in the American cement industry and raises the profile and importance of safety programs both inside and outside the industry.

Click here to submit an application for a PCA Safety Innovation Award. Submissions are due by April 12, 2024.

Click here to see last year's winners.

Please direct any questions to PCA Senior Director of Government Affairs,
Tom Harman,

Safety Innovation Awards Criteria

  • Eligibility

    PCA member companies and vendors to member companies are eligible to submit entries.

    All types of plants and facilities qualify. In addition to full-production cement plants, grinding-only facilities, slag operations, and distribution terminals are also eligible. More than one project may be submitted by the same facility or company, and multiple entries are encouraged. Projects must have been completed in 2023.

  • Entry Materials

    1. Entry form 
    2. Project description 
      1. Please use NEUTRAL language that does not identify your company in this section (e.g. do NOT include state, city, company name, etc.). Judges are given this section and there must be no identifying language to maintain a fair and impartial process.
    3. At least 2 high-resolution photos (jpeg format, 300 dpi)
      1. Include both close-up and farther away pictures to illustrate project specifics and also how it fits into the overall plant.

  • Judging Criteria

    Entries will be judged by members of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and other independent cement industry experts. Criteria include:

    • Innovation

    • Effectiveness

    • Risk Prevention

    • Ease of use by plant personnel/contractors

    • Ease of construction/implementation

    • Solves a difficult or persistent safety problem in the cement industry

    Each winning facility will receive a $1,000 cash prize for a Celebration for Safety.