PCA J.P. Gleason Research Fellowship Program

Call for Nominations

The Portland Cement Association Education Foundation funds a wide variety of educational activities that will increase public knowledge regarding appropriate uses of cement and concrete. Within that global purpose is a specific purpose to:

Advance general scientific understanding of cement and concrete by providing scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other support for the study of engineering and the physical sciences relating to the production and use of cement and concrete.

The support provided by the Education Foundation is used to identify and attract outstanding candidates in the field of engineering and the physical sciences and provide them with the necessary support to complete their studies. Additionally, this support is intended to provide them an opportunity for productive work in the cement and concrete industries.

The fellowships are open to any student completing studies toward a masters or doctoral degree from an institution of higher education within the United States that is accredited by a regional or national agency. The applicant must pursue graduate study in an engineering, science, material science, or architectural program. Each fellowship includes a $35,000 stipend paid to the university to cover tuition, residence, research materials, equipment, study materials, related educational expenses, and does not include payment for institutional overhead.

For this current fellowship competition, proposals in the following subject areas, with no priority, are of interest:


  • Research investigating the significance and impact of limestone contents above 15 percent with concretes containing limestone contents of 15-20 percent, 20-25 percent, 25-30 percent, and 30-35 percent.
  • Research investigating the impact and significance of ASTM C 465 on the performance of cements.
  • Other research investigating the optimization of cement and concrete for sustainable concrete construction.

Cement Manufacturing

  • Improving raw mix burnability either through the use of mineralizers or by other means.
  • Separate grinding of raw material components.
  • Advanced grinding technology.
  • Separate grinding and blending of cement by fineness.
  • Increased cement performance through optimized particle size distribution.
  • Optimized use of grinding aids in the cement manufacturing process.

A university professor and the candidate student must jointly submit applications. Applications must be received by March 31, 2021. Please follow the proposal format when submitting a proposal in this competition. The proposal should not exceed four pages in length using 12 point Times New Roman font. See PCA J.P. Gleason Research Fellowship Program Format for additional information.

PCA committee members review and endorse nominations for support. The PCA Education Foundation Board of Directors makes the final determination regarding the selection of each fellowship. Final award determinations are tentatively scheduled not later than June with award notifications immediately thereafter.

Submittals with detailed descriptions of the proposed project should be sent via e-mail with a subject heading of "Fellowship" to:

Paul D. Tennis, Ph.D., FACI  
Sr. Director, Research and Product Standards
Portland Cement Association
5420 Old Orchard Road
Skokie, IL 60077-1083
Email: ptennis@cement.org

Click here for a pdf of the proposal format document.