What has the U.S. Cement Industry Done for America Lately?  

Just look around.

Progress on some of the most important legislation passed within the last few years could not have happened without America’s cement manufacturers. The proof: Just step outside and look around. 

The U.S. cement industry continues to deliver on the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. From roadways to waterways to airport runways, cement and concrete manufacturers are providing the resilient, sustainable materials for more than 56,000 construction projects around the nation.  

And manufacturers are gaining ground on their Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality. 

The industry’s top objectives for the next five years:  expanding the use alternative fuels, creating more lower-carbon cements, and developing the heavyweight of its initiatives— Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage.  

Cement Leadership Heads to the Hill

Industry leaders will be in Washington on June 11 and 12 for the Portland Cement Association’s Annual Cement Fly-in. Meetings are being arranged with lawmakers and their staffs to discuss industry challenges—such as permitting obstacles and more stringent EPA standards.  The meetings will also give manufacturers a chance to thank lawmakers for supporting industry’s efforts to reach net zero. 

To arrange a meeting with cement industry leadership on June 11 or 12, please contact Jennifer Bonner.