PCA Sustainability Summit

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Mark your Calendar: August 13-15, 2024

The second annual PCA Sustainability Summit will take place daily from August 13 to 15, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CDT, virtually. 

Join us as we delve into key levers toward net zero:

  • Alternative Fuels,
  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), and
  • Blended Cements.

You'll also gain invaluable insights on developments within each portion of the value chain, including initiatives from the concrete and construction industry, as outlined in the PCA Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality.

Stay tuned for further details and registration information, coming soon!

2023 Sustainability Summit Information

Recorded presentations can be viewed by clicking the link below for its corresponding presentation. 

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DAY 1 – August 22nd

General Session (10am-11am):
  1. Introductory Remarks – Mike Ireland, President & CEO, Portland Cement Association
  2. Washington, DC Policy Fireside Chat – Andrew Mayock, Federal Chief Sustainability Officer, Sean O'Neill, Vice President, Government Affairs, PCA
  3. Industry Insight by Massimo Toso and Eric Holard – PCA Climate and Sustainability Chairs
Clinker (11am-12pm): 
  1. Introduction by Adam Swercheck – Clinker Task Group Leader
  2. CCUS Update – Industry Panel Discussion
    • Danielle Flagg, Sargent Lundy
    • Andrew Baxter, Chart Industries
    • Corwyn Bruce, Heidelberg Materials
  3. Technoeconomic Analysis of CO2 Capture Cement Plant Retrofit – Eric Grol, NETL
  4. National Carbon Capture Center Update – Frank Morton, NCCC

DAY 2 – August 23rd

Cement (10am-11am):
  1. Introduction by Nick Popoff – Cement Task Group Leader
  2. Optimizing PLCs and other Blended Cements – Jason Weiss, Oregon State University
  3. Harvesting Fly Ash for Beneficial Use – Ross Gorman, SEFA Group
  4. Decarbonizing Cement and Concrete Sector – Radhika Lalit, Mission Possible Partnership 
Concrete (11am-12pm): 
  1. Introduction by Jim Mack – Concrete Task Group Leader
  2. The Concrete Industry’s Drive to Net Zero Carbon Panel
    • NRMCA’s Sustainability Initiatives – Lionel Lemay
    • ACPA’s Paving Sustainability Initiatives – Eric Ferrebee
    • ACPA’s Concrete Pipe Sustainability Initiatives – Trygve Hoff
    • CRSI’s Sustainability Initiatives – Amy Trygestad
    • PCI’s Sustainability Initiatives – Edith Gallandorm

DAY 3 – August 24th

Construction (10am-11am): 
  1. Introduction by David Perkins – Construction Task Group Leader
  2. Contractors Commitment to Sustainability – Steven Burke, Consigli Construction Co. 
  3. Reducing Carbon on the Project Site: A Case Study (1) – Kimberly Martin, Keller, Inc.
  4. Reducing Carbon on the Project Site: A Case Study (2) – Robert Nussmeier and Maddie Gosser, Baker Concrete
Carbon Uptake (11am-11:40am): 
  1. Introduction by Gina Lotito –  Carbonation Task Group Leader
  2. MIT Carbonation Research Update – Hessam AzariJafari, MIT
  3. NIST Low Carbon Cements and Concrete Consortium Update – Maria Knake, NIST
Summit Closeout (11:40-12pm): 
  1. Roadmap Update: Progress Review – Lindsey Geiger, PCA

Please note: Sharing of recorded presentations is subject to speaker permission; some presentations may not be available.