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November 07, 2023

GSA Announces $2 Billion Investment in Projects Using Lower-Embodied Carbon Construction Materials

The General Services Administration (GSA) announced a $2-billion investment for 150 construction projects that use lower-embodied carbon (LEC) construction materials. An estimated $767 million for these projects will be used to procure low-embodied carbon concrete. The projects are funded in large part by funding included in the Inflation Reduction Act for the GSA to procure lower-embodied carbon construction materials.


The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) included $2.15 billion for GSA procurement of lower-embodied carbon construction materials. As part of this, the GSA has developed interim IRA LEC low-embodied carbon material requirements for concrete, cement, steel, asphalt, and flat glass. In May, GSA announced 11 pilot projects that would use these interim requirements. In the lead-up to GSA releasing its interim determination, PCA engaged GSA on specific things that should be taken into consideration in the interim IRA LEC material requirements, which resulted in more appropriate global warming potential limits for cements. GSA has indicated that these interim requirements may change as the Environmental Protection Agency continues to implement its two programs focused on lower-embodied carbon construction materials funded by the Inflation Reduction Act.

On November 6, GSA announced 150 more projects across the country that will use GSA’s interim IRA LEC material requirements. An estimated $767 million will be used to procure low-embodied carbon concrete for the projects announced on November 6. In addition to the $2.15 billion included in the Inflation Reduction Act to procure lower-embodied carbon construction materials, these projects will leverage funding allocated by Inflation Reduction Act Section 60502, High-Performance Green Buildings, and Section 60504, Emerging and Sustainable Technologies. Additionally, GSA’s Capital Program, Minor Repairs and Alterations Program, and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding will be used.

The GSA announcement demonstrates the increased acceptance and use of lower-carbon cements, a critical lever in the cement industry’s path PCA to net zero via the PCA Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality.

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