Concrete is disaster-resilient..

A town or city that features stronger, better built buildings, and the roads and services that support them is truly resilient. Its leadership recognizes the value of planning for potential disasters and has taken steps to ensure the community has the ability to survive with less loss of housing, employment, and critical services. Concrete structures can play a vital role in strong communities.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate concrete to make projects more durable and disaster resistant. Concrete wall, floor, and roof systems offer an unsurpassed combination of structural strength and wind resistance. Add hardened exterior finishes for walls and roofs, and your home or business will have the best combination of strength and security available.

Builders, architects, and designers have come to recognize that more durable public buildings, private homes, and businesses, often built with concrete to resist damage from natural disasters, reduce the impact entire communities have on our planet. 

Communities built to last start with comprehensive planning, including stricter building codes that produce robust structures with long service lives. More durable buildings with high-performance features including better disaster resistance, help promote community continuity, making cities and towns stronger, and better able to successfully weather any challenge.

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