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April 30, 2013

Cement Industry Honors Buzzi Unicem Plant for Environmental Excellence

SKOKIE, Ill– The Portland Cement Association (PCA) and Cement Americas magazine acknowledged the Buzzi Unicem USA cement plant in Cape Girardeau, Mo., as part of the 2013 Cement Industry Energy & Environmental Awards, honoring sustainable manufacturing practices.

The plant was a finalist the Award’s Land Stewardship category that recognizes a plant’s efforts to protect and enhance the surrounding land.   

The Cape Girardeau Buzzi cement plant has been actively involved with several land stewardship efforts, including the establishment of a long-term partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Southeast Missouri State University.  August 2012 marked the culmination of the first phase of research needed to support development of a long-term, alligator gar strategic management plan. 

Throughout Missouri and the Southern U.S., the alligator gar population has been significantly declining since the 1950s.  To assist in the restoration program, the plant partnered with MDC in 2007 and offered Marquette North Lake, a former clay quarry, to serve as one of MDC’s primary research habitats.  The dedication of Marquette North Lake to biology and restoration of the Missouri alligator gar population has taken an otherwise dormant clay quarry full of water used only for recreational fishing and established a thriving habitat for many species of fish and birds. The lake and alligator gar  program has afforded local college students with a graduate study program, created an outlet for at-risk youth to direct their attention to a positive cause, and provided an opportunity to beneficially reuse spent, wooden pallets, generated at the plant, for aquatic habitat enhancement.

“Buzzi Unicem and other cement manufactures recognize the need to protect our nation’s ecological assets and are committed to making their local communities better places to work and live,” said Greg Scott, PCA president and CEO.  “Cement manufacturers strive to leave the earth they impact a better place for future generations.”

The Energy & Environmental Awards honor individual cement facilities that exemplify the spirit of continuous environmental improvement and support this spirit with action.  These plants go beyond government regulations and local laws to ensure that their processes contribute to making their communities better places to live and work.  Five categories are recognized:  Outreach, Environmental Performance, Land Stewardship, Innovation and Energy Efficiency.  Additionally, PCA presents a special honor to a plant demonstrating excellence in multiple categories.

The award program was created in 2000 by the Portland Cement Association as part of its environment and energy strategic plan for the U.S. cement industry. The awards honor activities conducted during the previous calendar year, and the program is open to any cement manufacturing plant in North America. Judges for the 2013 awards Program included representatives from U.S. EPA-ENERGY STAR, Wildlife Habitat Council, U.S. Geological Survey, World Wildlife Fund, and Cement Americas.


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