Cement Plant

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) is a powerful and vocal advocate for sustainability, jobs creation, economic growth, infrastructure investment, and overall innovation and excellence in construction throughout the U.S.

Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois with offices in Washington, DC, PCA represents America's cement manufacturers. The association takes an active role in industry advocacy for increased infrastructure investment, jobs creation, passage of a new highway bill in the United States, and the establishment of fair and reasonable emissions guidelines that protect the environment while helping to get the economy back on track.

More than mere advocacy, the industry and PCA have taken strong initiatives that will not only help improve the state of the industry, but will also improve the state of the world around us. Among some of these key initiatives are:

  • The creation of the Concrete Sustainability Hub at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a goal of quantifying and enhancing the sustainable nature of concrete.
  • The development and promotion of a sample ordinance, called High Performance Building Requirements for Sustainability (HPBRS), which seeks to establish a new paradigm for sustainability in high-performance buildings. 
  • Support and recognition of excellence in construction and sustainability through a number of industry awards, including Energy & Environment Awards, Concrete Bridge Awards, Safety Performance Awards, Safety Innovation Awards, and others.
  • Continued leadership in education and training through a wide range of seminars, webinars, training programs, and participation in important new social networking vehicles.