As the convention business increases its expectation to host events with hotel rooms in close proximity, many cities around the country are constructing single destination complexes. Overland Park, Kansas, met this demand with the December 2002 opening of its new convention center and adjoining Sheraton Hotel. The hotel and convention center are integrally tied together to provide exceptional exhibit space with integrated technology, while setting new standards in the hospitality industry.

hotels_op_sheratonThe $53.6 million, 20-story structure is a first-class, full-service hotel. The hotel’s exceptional interior exudes quality and elegance that signify the Kansas City tradition. Its 320,000 square feet contain 412 rooms, a 12,000-square-foot ballroom, and an additional 13,000 square feet of meeting space.

The typical hotel floor framing consists of a conventionally reinforced 9-inch flat plate, supported by 36-by-20-inch reinforced concrete columns. The column layout accommodates the 26-foot 9-inches-by-22-foot average bay spacing. The structure is supported on drilled piers, founded in bedrock.

Shear walls, in conjunction with frame action along the column strips, compose the lateral force resisting system. The shear walls are located around the elevator banks, ranging in thickness from 12- to 16-inches. The shear wall frame interactive system was the most economical choice for resisting seismic lateral loads.

The mix design for the shear walls and floor slabs called for 4,000 psi concrete, while the concrete columns required 6,000 psi concrete strength.

Concrete was chosen for this structure because of the flexibility in locating building columns the two-way system affords. Offsetting columns from set gridlines does not generally hinder design or require additional framing, making the two-way framing the most practical and economical solution. A structural steel staggered truss system was evaluated but was not selected, since it lacked the flexibility for placement of suites and connecting rooms.

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) selected the Overland Park Sheraton Hotel as the winner of a prestigious National Design-Build Award in the “Private Sector Building Over $15 Million” category. This award showcases projects that best exemplify the principles of interdisciplinary teamwork, innovation, and problem solving that characterize design-build delivery. The design-build concept refers to the way in which the architect, structural engineer, and general contractor work together to deliver design and construction services.

Concrete helped facilitate the design-build success with its speed of construction for this application. Concrete is locally available for timely delivery to accommodate a fast-track schedule and allows for last minute changes to be incorporated easily in the field, without compromising the overall completion schedule.

Photo courtesy of DLR Group, 2003 Bob Greenspan


Owner: Overland Park Development Corp. (OPDC), LLC, Overland Park, Kansas

Garfield Corporation, Dallas, Texas
C. B. Ellis, Kansas City, Missouri

DLR Group, Overland Park, Kansas
TVS & Associates, Atlanta, Georgia

Structural Engineer:
DLR Group, Overland Park, Kansas

General Contractor:
Turner Construction Company, Kansas City, Missouri

Concrete Subcontractor:
Formworks, Durango, California

Concrete Supplier:
Fordyce Concrete Company, Kansas City, Kansas