Most building construction in the United States is influenced by state and local building codes. These codes are intended as minimum design and construction requirements to assure life safety, property protection, general welfare of the public, and safety to firefighters and emergency responders.  Most states and local jurisdictions adopt a building code based on a national model. Increasingly, states and communities are also adopting code to create sustainable communities that use minimal resources to create and operate.

In addition to satisfying minimum life safety provisions and incorporating enhanced resilience into building design, concrete construction augments economic viability, addresses societal issues, and helps communities to minimize negative environmental impacts.Through the Codes and Standards Department, Portland Cement Association aims to assure that the public benefits from economically viable solutions using cement-based products.  PCA's involvement in code development is focused on the provisions contained in national model building codes and referenced standards. 

PCA Staff
Stephen S. Szoke, PE, F.ASCE, F.SEI, IOM, F.ACI, LEED® AP, CDT
Senior Director, Codes & Standards

Lawrence C. Novak, SE, SECB, F.ACI, F.SEI, LEED® AP
Director of Structural Engineering

William "Jay" Hall, CBO, CFO
Manager, Codes & Standards

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