2021 Safety Innovation Award Winners

The 2021 Safety Innovation Awards recognize creative safety enhancing projects in the cement industry. The winners were determined by a panel of judges that evaluated projects completed in 2020 from across the country in four categories: COVID-19 management, pyroprocessing, general facility, and distribution.

SafetyInnovation Special Category – COVID-19 Management_V3

COVID Rapid Response Team: In the early days of the pandemic, the CEMEX USA Miami Cement Plant had a large part of their workforce affected by the contagion. Unaffected employees took on extra jobs and worked longer hours with remote technical support from their peers, and a rapid response team was quickly formed to provide supplies, testing, medical support, and more for CEMEX employees at all locations in the region. 

SafetyInnovation Pyro-processing_V3

Igniter Lance: The employees at GCC of America’s Rio Grande Plant devised a safer procedure for igniting the burner pipe in the kiln. The team created an igniter lance that allows team members to insert it in front of the burner while standing in a safe location from the side of the kiln hood. The burner floor is completely cleared of all employees while this process takes place, so no one is in an unsafe position.

SafetyInnovation Distribution General Facility 2_V3

Confined Space Training Program: Mitsubishi Cement’s Cushenbury Plant purchased a storage container and converted it into a confined spaced training facility. Employees re-configured the container to include the narrowest entry doors, hatches and crawlway spaces found in the cement plant and conducted confined space entry training for employees onsite.

SafetyInnovation Distribution General Facility_v3

Storage Rack for Shaft Guides:
 Machinists at the Salt River Materials Group’s Clarkdale Cement Facility designed and built a storage rack for shaft guides for the shaft hydraulic press. Lifting tabs welded onto the guides allow the overhead crane to be used instead of manual carry and placement, protecting employees from potential injuries in lifting and placing the guides.

SafetyInnovation Distribution_V2

Safe Egress for Truck Drivers: 
Buzzi Unicem’s Oklahoma City Terminal fabricated a platform complete with extended handrails and steps to provide safe egress for the drivers exiting their trucks on site. This upgrade reduced fall hazards and ensures that drivers can get to ground level safely.