Legislative Priorities

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The Portland Cement Association is working hard to protect your company’s current and future ability to do business. Below our PCA's top ten priorities for the 117th Congress.

PCA Top Legislative Policy Priorities for 2021-2022

  1. Pass a Long-Term Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Increase Highway Trust Fund Balances to Meet Current and Future Needs
  2. Increased Federal Resources for Research and Developing Carbon Capture Technologies
  3. Prioritize Investment in Resilient Infrastructure
  4. Creation of a Single, Federal, Market-Based System to Reduce Domestic Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  5. Modernize Permitting to Allow Manufacturers to Increase their Usage of Lower Carbon Fuels, Known as Alternative Fuels (e.g., tires, synthetic fibers, etc.)
  6. Modernize Permitting for Manufacturers to Install Carbon Emissions Technologies
  7. Creation of incentives for the increased use of blended cements such as portland limestone cement
  8. Invest in U.S. DOT Research to Improving Airfield and Roadway Pavements
  9. Improve Tax Code for Manufacturers to Install Carbon Capture Technologies
  10. Continue the Two-Year Cycle of Passing a Water Resources Development Act to Advance Corps Projects

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