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Senior Vice President and Chief Economist

Edward Sullivan is Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Market Intelligence for PCA.  He directs all PCA’s forward market assessments that support the industry’s planning efforts and market research. Ed’s analysis and views regarding the construction, cement and concrete industries is widely used in corporate planning efforts, the financial industry, and media.  Ed’s analysis also supports the cement industry’s advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. and to this end has testified before Congress.

Ed has been cited by the Chicago Federal Reserve as the most accurate forecaster among 30 top economists. Various other forecasting surveys have placed Ed among the most accurate construction economists in the country. Over the years, Ed has been named a “key influencer” in the domestic and international cement and concrete industry by various trade magazines. Ed is often sought as a keynote speaker at various industry events throughout the year.

Ed has more than 30 years of industrial economic analysis in support of senior executives and has played an important role in several U.S. Government automotive trade policy decisions. In the past, Ed has held the position of Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank Economics, Standard & Poor’s, and Wharton Economics where he worked with Nobel Lauriat, Lawrence Klein. His background also includes positions as a senior intelligence officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was awarded a commendation from Bob Gates (then Deputy Director of Intelligence and later Secretary of Defense).  He was also an economist within the Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Ed has taught economics at St. Joseph’s and Villanova Universities in Philadelphia, Fairfield University in Connecticut, as well as Columbia and Fordham Universities in New York City. 


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