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John P. 'Jay' GleasonThe John P. Gleason, Jr., Leadership Awards honor PCA members who have exhibited industry leadership by advancing key Association programs and initiatives. 

The awards are named after John P. "Jay" Gleason, Jr., who served as PCA president from 1986 until his retirement in 2007. Gleason was known for his consensus building among both members and allies and for his strong leadership skills. During his tenure, PCA membership rose from 57 percent to 98 percent of the U.S. industry.

Gleason excelled at recognizing long-term opportunities and strove to bring more of a market focus to PCA programs. With the proceeds from a property sale, he created the Education Foundation. In 1987, he championed the spin-off of CTLGroup, then Construction Technology Laboratories, as a for-profit subsidiary. 

Past Gleason Awards Winners

Award Categories

Awards are presented in three categories: 

Business Continuity: The nominee positively impacts issues and factors affecting PCA member companies' ability to continue viable operations. These include regulatory advocacy, federal advocacy, research, standards, safety and health, and other initiatives related to manufacturing and operations. 

Market Development: The nominee is actively involved with factors that influence increasing the size of the market for cement and cement-based products. These include national and regional marketing and promotion, imaging and branding, federal and local advocacy, codes and standards, and MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub.

Young Leaders: Recognizes up-and-coming member company employees who will lead the cement industry into the future – individuals that demonstrate high potential for success in leadership roles and exhibit a strong commitment to PCA and the cement industry. 

Who is Eligible

Nominees for the business continuity and market development categories should be individual employees of PCA members serving on a PCA council, standing committee, or the PCA Board of Directors.  PCA Executive Committee members are not eligible.

Young Leader nominees should be employees of PCA members but need not serve on a PCA committee.

There is no fee to submit, and you may submit multiple candidates from the same company. You may also nominate yourself.