FDR_Moreau,_NY_FramedMoreau, New York's, Selfridge Road is a much better drive thanks to full-depth reclamation with cement (FDR).

The road encountered a myriad of problems throughout the years with numerous complaints of ride quality until a New York transportation decision maker attended a PCA Northeast Region FDR informational lunch and seminar last March.

After attending a full-depth reclamation with cement (FDR) seminar and luncheon hosted by Heather Steffek, PCA Northeast Region road recycling specialist, and Dick Martin, PCA Northeast Region pavement recycling specialist,  New York Highway Superintendent Paul Joseph was convinced to try the process on Selfridge Road.

In July of 2014, Joseph contracted with Reclamation LLC to upgrade roughly 2,000 feet of Selfridge Road using the FDR process. In 2015, Reclamation LLC reclaimed and stabilized 3,500 feet of another section of the road. In total, Selfridge Road has about 315 tons of cement stabilizing its base, with more anticipated next year.

“We initially had soft spots on the section we did last year. However, after it had cured, we couldn’t even drive centerline spikes into the base,” Jones said. “We had sections that normally move a lot over the winter, but last winter, which was especially cold, we only had one spot move.”