Cement Modified Soil Solves Kentucky Airport Problem

Muhlenberg County Airport, located in Greenville, Kentucky, was in need of improvements including a new 2,800 foot partial taxiway. It was discovered that the soils to support the one- to three-foot taxiway embankment were weak. The fix lay in cement modification of soil.

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Cement Speeds Up, Stabilizes TxDOT Project

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) engineers turned to cement to speed up work and lower plasticity levels for a $7.5-million San Antonio highway project. 


Building it Right the First Time: Integrated Paving Solutions at the Port of Houston

The Port of Houston has traditionally been a bulk carrier facility, but in recent years
has significantly expanded its container handling capacity. 


Pennsylvania Turnpike Reconstruction

The total reconstruction of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, begun in 1999 and completed in 2004, signifies the first time that the toll road - known as "America's First Superhighway" - has been replaced from the ground up since it opened in October 1940.