2021 PCA Cement Manufacturing
Webinar Program  

Speaker: John Kline

John Kline is the Principal at Kline Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm assisting sustainable building material companies (start-ups to global producers), to improve their operational and environmental performance.  John has over 45 Years in the mineral processing industry working in; Research, Sales, Plant Design, Engineering, Commissioning, and Operations.  He retired from Lafarge in June of 2012 after 21 years, with the last 18 years in various international, executive positions.  Kline Consulting is currently specializing in energy efficiency, operations optimization, green building products, CO2 reduction technologies and mercury abatement.

John has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College, Pennsylvania.  He has lived and worked in 6 countries on 4 continents and has authored over 20 technical papers and 30 magazine articles pertaining to the sustainable building materials industry.  He has been working with CO2 reduction technologies since his last position in Lafarge.  

Quality Assurance/Control 
Tuesday, February 23
10 a.m. CT

A look at proper sampling techniques and the interpretation of lab results for optimizing clinker and cement production.


Carbon Capture Technologies
Tuesday, March 16
10 a.m. CT

A look at the different technologies being piloted in the cement industry around the world.

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What's Happening with CO2
Tuesday, April 6
10 a.m. CT

A follow-up webinar which reviews the cradle to grave carbon life cycle of cement, concrete, construction, and the end of life recycling.

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Tuesday, April 27
10 a.m. CT

A look at the design and operation of nuisance dust collection systems.

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Tuesday, May 18
10 a.m. CT

Learn why clinker microscopy is the best analysis tool for evaluating the burning zone condition and should be used in all cement plants.

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Vertical Raw Mills
Tuesday, June 22
10 a.m. CT

A review of the operating principles and common problems of vertical raw mills.

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Vertical Cement Mills
Tuesday, July 13
10 a.m. CT

A follow-up webinar focusing on the operation and control of vertical cement mills.

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Ball Mill Optimization
Tuesday, August 10
10 a.m. CT

A review of the process analysis procedures used to diagnose ball mill operations.

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Tuesday, August 31
10 a.m. CT

A review of the different separator generations and the tools used to evaluate separator operation.

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Waste Heat Recovery
Tuesday, September 21
10 a.m. CT

More info coming soon.

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Alarm Management
Tuesday, October 12
10 a.m. CT

More info coming soon.

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Tuesday, November 9
10 a.m. CT

More info coming soon.

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Alternative Raw Materials   
Tuesday, November 30
10 a.m. CT

More info coming soon.

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Blending & Homogenization
Tuesday, December 14
10 a.m. CT

More info coming soon.

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