2024 Energy & Environment Award Winners

The 2024 Energy and Environment Awards recognize outstanding environmental and community relations efforts that go above and beyond what is required. Submissions from plants across the
U.S. were evaluated and recognized for environmental efforts completed in 2023.

Environmental Performance

GCHI (Giant Cement Company)

Harleyville Cement Plant

Harleyville, SC

giant harleyville

Workers at Giant Cement’s Harleyville, South Carolina plant improved their alternative fuel feed systems’ reliability which lowered greenhouse gas emissions and avoided landfilling or incineration of materials.  

Buzzi Unicem USA

Festus Cement Plant

Festus, MO

buzzi festus mo

In order to advance the goals set by Buzzi Unicem USA reach to carbon neutrality, the Festus Cement Plant aggressively increased the amount of natural gas usage in their kiln and fully converted to Type IL 10 cement production in 2023. These measures were implemented well ahead of the original targets.

Innovative Technologies


Mojave Cement Plant 

Mojave, CA

Mojave 3

In 2023, CalPortland implemented a Process Expert (PXP) system for the raw mill and pyro-process equipment increasing the Mojave plant’s overall efficiency. The Advanced Process Control strategy in PXP utilizes the input parameters from the operators to control multiple outputs and variables that optimize system production and efficiency, correct process disruptions without any operator interference, and minimize wear on equipment.

Titan Florida, LLC

Titan Florida/Pennsuco Plant, Medley

Miami, FL

titan pennsuco

At Titan America’s Pennsuco plant, after several years of expanding data capture from operations for Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning predictive maintenance, as well as  optimizing  software usage for smoother operations, a strength prediction project was rolled out in 2023. The process was the natural extension of AI from production to quality control. 


Roanoke Cement Company (Titan America LLC)

Troutville Plant

Troutville, VA

RCC Outreach PCA EE Submission 2024 Final

“Outsized” is the word that springs to mind in thinking of Roanoke Cement Company’s (RCC) outreach program. Driven by goals to promote learning about the company and its products, to create civic engagement, and to build on community relations, RCC hit unprecedented highs in multiple areas through several outreach platforms in 2023. 

Overall Excellence

Ash Grove Cement Company (A CRH Company)

Seattle Plant

Seattle, WA

ash grove seattle

In 2023 Ash Grove’s Seattle Plants aggressively pursued continuous improvement in environmental stewardship, going beyond compliance to  positively impact  the community and environment. The facility implemented mitigation practices using the best available technology to minimize impacts to the adjoining river. The facility also set a company-wide standard for reducing process water consumption. Through proactive outreach and communication, the facility has developed more positive relationships with its community, as was evidenced by a drop in neighbor complaints.  

Energy Efficiency

Ash Grove Cement Company (A CRH Company)

Leamington Plant

Leamington, UT

leamington ut

In 2023, in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power's Wattsmart Business Program, Ash Grove embarked on a journey of energy efficiency and sustainability enhancements that stand as a testament to the company's innovative spirit and environmental responsibility. For more than 15 years, this partnership has led to significant operational improvements and energy-saving projects. 

Land Stewardship

Ash Grove Cement Company, a CRH Company

Louisville Plant

Louisville, NE

Continuous Surface Miner into Haul Truck

In 2023 Ash Grove completed a project to more accurately quantify the reserves of its quarry to determine the expected life of the quarry.  Completion of the project delays the opening of new areas to mining, due to a better understanding of areas that have been previously opened.