Environmental Performance Award Application

Please direct any questions to PCA Director/Assistant Counsel,
Government Affairs, Louis Baer, lbaer@cement.org

The Environmental Performance category honors facilities that go beyond laws, permits, and regulations to minimize their impact on the environment.

Please provide answers to the sections (A – G) below in the boxes provided.  If answers are provided on a separate sheet, identify the section you are responding to, e.g., “Section B. Regulatory Requirement, Section C. Project Completion Dates, etc.”

A. Submission Summary

B. Regulatory Requirement

Was the activity completed in response to a regulatory requirement (e.g., new regulation, consent order, etc.)?

C. Project Completion Dates

(Insert date)
(Insert date)

D. Exceeding Requirements

E. Waste Minimization, Pollution Prevention, and Distinctive Environmental Controls

F. Environmental Management

G. Facility Recognition

H. Other

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