Overall Environmental Excellence Award Application

Please direct any questions to PCA Director, Government Affairs, Christine McCarthy

The Overall Environmental Excellence category recognizes a facility that demonstrates excellence in multiple categories (e.g., Land Stewardship, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Performance, etc.).

A. Submission Summary

i. Describe the program’s major components (such as the appointment of an energy manager, development of an energy policy, establishment of energy goals, tracking of energy use, benchmarking of energy performance, and how this program interacts with the company’s corporate energy management program, etc.). ii. Describe how awareness of energy use has been promoted within the plant and the community. iii. Describe specific 2022 efforts to communicate the facility’s energy conservation activities to staff, customers, and other stakeholders. iv. Describe the value of good energy management to your organization.
i. Describe specific 2022 project(s) that have saved energy. Include activities that reduced the facility’s energy intensity or energy use per ton of product. When possible, quantify the energy saved in both physical units (Btu/Joule) ii. Describe any other examples of efforts to enhance energy efficiency (such as how you are actively participating in the ENERGY STAR Program, how energy efficiency was promoted beyond the plant, etc.).
i. Describe any 2022 energy efficiency efforts on- or off-site to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that mitigate the potential impact of climate change. ii. When possible, include an estimate of emissions prevented.
Describe any unique or innovative 2022 projects regarding: i. Waste Minimization – such as recycling and reusing materials ii. Pollution Prevention – this includes process or raw materials modifications, as well as operational modifications at the facility that reduce virgin materials or conventional fuels used by your plant iii. Other Distinctive Environmental Controls – that minimize waste or other releases to the environment, such as erosion control
Describe any unique 2022 environmental management programs (e.g., EMS, ISO 14001, etc.), initiatives, and/or approaches and their positive impact on the environment and operating efficiency
i. Describe quantifiable 2022 environmental results that demonstrate that your plant exceeded the regulatory requirements for 1. efficiency (include before and after efficiency rates) 2. air, 3. water, and/or 4. waste management
Describe any unique approaches to new quarry development or management in 2022. i. Protection of sensitive environmental areas ii. Habitat improvement iii. Other activities that mitigate the impact of quarry operations
Describe any 2022 project that included new approaches to remediation and rehabilitation of quarries, landfills, or other areas.
Describe any 2022 landscaping or habitat management projects on your property designed to improve the overall environmental quality of the site.
(see Innovative Technologies or Process Award Application and Outreach Award Application for details).
Describe or list any environmental awards, certifications, or other 2022 environmental and energy recognition received by the plant

B. Why

C. When

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D. Who

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