PCA's Code Amendments for Sustainability: Modifications to the International Building Code, 2012 Edition (CAS-B12)  are intended to provide high-performance building requirements for use by state and local governments and federal agencies implementing sustainable or green building initiatives. The requirements are formatted to facilitate adoption as amendments to the 2012 International Building Code. In addition to energy efficiency and typical sustainability criteria, enhanced sustainability is accomplished with requirements for increased disaster resistance and improved durability.

These  modifications to the 2012 International Building Code use sections of the IBC which are copyright protected by the International Code Council, Inc. The amendments are shown using a strikethrough and underlining format to reflect the intent of the changes to be made to the IBC. Persons desiring to reproduce in greater detail the language or table values from the International Building Code can contact the Publisher at International Code Council, Inc.

This document is based in part on the requirements for the FORTIFIED® for Safer Business standard. Its use does not constitute compliance with the FORTIFIED® for Safer Business  program. For specific requirements and procedures for compliance refer to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety website which can be found at www.disastersafety.org.

Read or download the Code Amendments for Sustainability Modifications the International Building Code, 2012 edition, CAS-B12, May 2015, Szoke, S. and Skalko, S.