Cement & Concrete Basics FAQs


Alternative Approaches

PCA continues to work with the national codes and standards development processes to integrate the much needed functional resilience requirements into the codes and standards intended to address sustainability. However, due to the nature of the current codes and standards development process PCA's position is not accepted primarily due to the resistance from entities 1) on record as opposing and provisions that increase the initial cost of building regardless of the long term benefits to owners, occupants, communities, or the environment which often includes interest representing builders, developers, owners, and designers, and 2) interest representing materials and systems that may not be able to affordably provide durability and disaster resistance assistance with economical long term service that is consistent with the intent of sustainability.

To encourage action by others, including state and local jurisdictions, PCA has developed criteria to integrate functional resilience into green or sustainable building codes and standards. Two of these efforts are: Functional Resilience Requirements to Modify ICC 700 and High Performance Requirements for Sustainability (HPBRS).

Further, PCA presents the aspects functional resilience that should be integrated into the design and construction of green buildings in non-code language in Functional Resilience: Prerequisites for Green Buildings. The criteria and justification are presented for inclusion in any project regardless of the presence of provisions in building codes and standards.

Finally, since many codes and standards efforts are currently consistent with the scope of USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs, PCA has also prepared prerequisites for green building design and construction that may be sued to modify LEED programs or sued ion conjunction with LEED design and construction criteria. These criteria are presented as recommended revisions to LEED new construction (NC), core and shell (CS), schools, retail, data centers, warehouse and distribution centers, hospitality, and homes. The functional resilience criteria are presented as Recommended Revisions to LEED for NC and CS and Recommended Revisions to LEED for Homes.