Cement-Treated Base (CTB) Case Histories

Use of Control Joints in UK for CTB and RCC Pavements

In the United Kingdom, control joints built with cement-treated bases (CTB) and roller-compacted concrete (RCC) pavements have been in use for more than a decade with very good results. 


Florida Cement-Treated Base Says "No" to Cracks

Many Florida subdivision streets, parking lots and some county roads constructed with a soil-cement mixture, or cement-treated base show no signs of wear after more than eight years of traffic and Mother Nature.


CTB Sails to the Rescue

Following hurricane damage to North Carolina Highway 12, it was clear that CTB was the most efficient way to fix the roadway, the only artery to Ocracoke Island.

Building it Right the First Time: Integrated Paving Solutions at the Port of Houston

At the Bayport Terminal, integrated concrete and cement pavement options solved some difficult problems faced at many ports: poor soils, high water tables, no locally available aggregates, huge loading requirements, and a need for fast construction.

Cement Sails to the Rescue

Hurricane Isabel undercut and fractured pavement structures, and cement and concrete helped put everything back together.