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Portland cement is the fundamental ingredient in concrete.  When you think of cement, it may be automatic to think of concrete; when you think of cement and pavements, you probably think of cement in conventional concrete used for pavement surface layers.  But cement can be used in many other pavement layers and for other applications.

Pavement systems containing cement-bound layers have been used worldwide for over a century, with great success.  Portland cement can be used in virtually every layer in a pavement system.  Typical applications include improving the quality of subgrade soils and stabilizing base materials.  Integrating multiple cement-based layers into a pavement design may provide a cost-effective method for achieving a stronger, more durable, sustainable pavement.  Cement is also used in numerous pavement repair techniques, as well as an array of pavement recycling and reclamation applications.

With so many applications, deciding which cement-based materials are best to employ depends on the specific pavement project.  Along with conventional concrete, Cement-Modified Soils (CMS), Cement-Stabilized Subgrade (CSS), Cement-Treated Base (CTB), Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR), and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) are among options available.

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