Water Resources

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Water conservation is a pressing need that humans have dealt with dating back hundreds of years. The global population continues to grow and the need to conserve and recycle as much fresh water as possible is much more apparent. Concrete construction has been involved in this process the whole way and has become more efficient with every new technological discovery. Initially this came in the forms of man-made pools, aqueducts, and other such structures. Cement and concrete in many different forms is now found in dams, reservoirs, shorelines, canals, and more. Years of new developments, methods, and testing have led to breakthrough discoveries that have made these systems more efficient than ever and continues to do so today.

Cement-based products like roller-compacted concrete, soil-cement, deep soil-mixed grout, cement slurry, concrete mats and other structures are being employed across the world to water resources projects with positive results and improved quality of life.

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