Beauty That's More Than Skin Deep

Drive up to a new home today and you probably cannot tell how that home was constructed. That's because the "skin" covering a home - whether it's stucco, brick, wood or siding - provides the same finished appearance whether it it placed over wood-frame or concrete construction.


Concrete can create any shape or size home that you can imagine.

How can you tell what type of construction is behind a home's veneer? The walls in an unfinished garage or basement may give you a clue. But the benefits of solid concrete construction aren't apparent at first glance. They only show up years after the home is purchased - in the form of lower maintenance costs and lower energy bills. Therefore, to be sure you make the right home buying decision, always ask the seller or builder what type of construction is behind that beautiful exterior.

Limitless Possibilities

Concrete can create any shape or size home you can imagine. Because concrete takes any shape or form, it can create an unlimited variety of curves and angles. Concrete's strength can be used to create large open spaces - offering total flexibility in designing your home's floor plan.

Timeless Designs

Whether a Victorian gingerbread home or a Colonial mansion, concrete homes are quiet, easy-to-maintain and safe from fire, hurricanes, termites and wood rot. Concrete also can be used to create classic, low maintenance floors with patterns similar to classic stonework but with a look all their own.

Contemporary Designs

Should your tastes lean toward traditional or contemporary, the strength and flexibility of concrete can create a home that looks like the 21st Century and, with minimum maintenance, will hold its beauty and value throughout the next century.
bbeau2Concrete homes are low maintenance and energy efficient ... a solid investment for any family.

That's The Beauty of Today's Concrete

There's more than one way to build your concrete home - insulating concrete forms, concrete masonry, aerated concrete, tilt-up concrete, or precast concrete to name a few. With volatile wood prices, logging's high environmental price tag, and a growing shortage of high quality lumber, concrete offers a variety of products and construction techniques to provide cost effective, quality alternatives to wood-frame home construction.

All of these systems share the same basic virtues of concrete - beauty, strength, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency,  interior environmental quality, environmental friendliness, and peace and quiet. Which concrete building technique is right for you depends on the labor force and predominant building practices in your area. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that your beautiful concrete home is built to last.