Security That's A Solid Investment

Buying a home can be the single largest investment of a person’s life. If that home is constructed with concrete walls, the investment is naturally protected from the structural damage caused by the effects of nature. As the owner of a concrete home, you'll benefit from lower annual maintenance and energy costs while living in a home that provides a secure haven for your family.


A concrete home is a solid investment for your family both in terms of value and safety.

The solid investment value of a concrete home is just one of the reasons to ask what type of construction is behind a home's stucco, siding or brick veneer. If the answer isn't "concrete," the home may come with maintenance and repair costs that could have been avoided or minimized.

Worry-Free Living

Fire can endanger the lives of everyone in the family and destroy those things that cannot be replaced. Insurance companies recognize concrete as being safer than any other form of construction when fire threatens a home. Living in a concrete home can bring peace of mind to homeowners concerned about fire. 

Safe and Sound

When disaster threatens in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes or wild fires, our family will be safer in a home constructed with concrete walls. It's no accident that concrete is the material of choice for modern day fortresses and disaster shelters. This strong, durable material stands up to the fury of nature...including the more subtle threats of rot, rust and termites. Today's strongest residential wall systems are made of concrete. Read more on Resilience.

The Quiet Comfort Of Home

Besides being stronger and more durable, the mass of a concrete wall provides an added benefit - a reduction in noise entering the home. So be sure to select a sound-proof concrete home when you’re looking for  a little peace and quiet.
bdura2Buying a home is the single largest investment of your life. Invest wisely... in a beautiful concrete home.

That's The Beauty of Today's Concrete

There's more than one way to build your concrete home - insulating concrete forms, concrete masonry, aerated concrete, tilt-up concrete, or precast concrete to name a few. With volatile wood prices, logging's high environmental price tag, and a growing shortage of high quality lumber, concrete offers a variety of products and construction techniques to provide cost effective, quality alternatives to wood-frame home construction.

All of these systems share the same basic virtues of concrete - beauty, strength, durability, low maintenance,  interior environmental quality, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and peace and quiet. Which concrete building technique is right for you depends on the labor force and predominant building practices in your area. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that your beautiful concrete home is built to last.