sys-fencing08Concrete fences are so versatile, you can choose whatever style you want. Rail fences, "brick" walls, "stone" walls; they're just some of the possibilities with concrete. When choosing a solid wall, they are attractive ways to hide unsightly things like dumpsters or equipment. Concrete fences can also be used as privacy fences for backyard swimming pools or hot tubs.

Protection and Longevity

sys-fencing06How would you like a fence you do not have to paint every year? Or, one that does not rotor fall victim to a swarm of hungry termites? Concrete fences allow you to have the durability a wood or chain link fence cannot give. There is no need for paint or treatments. Your concrete fence will last for years to come, giving you the protection, privacy and durability you expect from concrete.


Because they are maintenance-free, concrete fences are less expensive than wood and chain link fences in the long run. You won't have to buy paint or sealer every year. You won't have to worry about replacing it because of environmental damage. Concrete fences and walls are functional in all climates.

sys-fencing07Because of its thermal mass, concrete walls block sound and strong winds much better than wood sound barriers. This is very helpful when living near a busy highway, schools, commercial buildings or other noisy areas. In addition, solid concrete panels are highly resistant to vandalism.

Concrete fencing is the worry-free way to give yourself the privacy and protection you expect from a fence, while giving you permanent beauty that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Photos courtesy of Dynamic Precast, Modern Precast, Stone Fence Co. and Superior Concrete Products.

Partial List of Producers/Suppliers of Fencing


Allan Block Corporation

Artisan Precast

Barkman Concrete Limited

Dynamic Precast

Fencecrete America

Nitterhouse Masonry Products, LLC

Oldcastle Precast, Producer of Duratek


Superior Concrete Products

Teracrete, Inc


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