sys-manufacturedstone08Manufactured stone has many advantages to real stone. Installation is quicker and easier. On average, it costs 25 to 35 percent less. When using manufactured stone, it creates virtually no waste. Also, since it is manufactured, it has no limitations. It can be applied in places real stone cannot. Since manufactured stone is not structural, any wall that meets code can bear its weight.

Beauty and Versatility

Manufactured stone can be made to look like any kind of real stone. In sight, it is almost indistinguishable. Custom designs, such as the use of Indigenous stones, can be produced as well. Manufactured stone adds a classic, durable look to any house. The following four examples are just some of the many styles of manufactured stone available.

                 sys-manufacturedstone05      sys-manufacturedstone04       sys-manufacturedstone03

Protection and Longevity

sys-manufacturedstone01[1]Manufactured stone achieves fire ratings similar to real stone. It is also maintenance free and has proven itself in more than 30 years of placement. 

Choosing & Ordering

At the very least, ask to see a sample of the stone from boxes the firm has in inventory. The best thing to do is visit a job site or house that has stone installed. During the visit, find out how old the job is. The older the job is, the better estimate on how the stone will weather. Some lesser-quality pigments will fade from ultraviolet exposure. But remember, companies usually have many different forms, so not every job will look exactly the same. Some manufacturers have "seconds," which are stones that did not turn out exactly as planned. These stones are usually inexpensive.

sys-manufacturedstone07Order by the square foot. This makes it very easy to figure out how much stone is required for the job.

Photos courtesy of TriLite Stone and Cultured Stone® by Boral®.


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