Concrete roof tiles offer elegant, enduring aesthetics for house designs and improved marketability for the builder. They also provide greater protection to the homeowner, both as a noncombustible finish and for their contribution to thermal performance of the building envelope.

Tile with Style

sys-roof1Roof tiles come in many different patterns to complement any architectural style. Variations in color, texture, and profile can be consistently manufactured in factory settings for quality and performance.




      sys-roof3  sys-roof4  sys-roof5  sys-roof8

    L-R: Shake, Mediterranean, Slate, Spanish


Many factors affect the cost of roofing, including initial material and installation costs. But a low maintenance, long lasting product can save money over the life of a home, and may increase resale value. Related aspects like fire resistance rating, cost of insurance, and thermal protection to the interior all add to concrete roof tile’s value as a roof cladding.

Concrete roof tiles are one way to express your individual style while adding to peace of mind.

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Photos courtesy of Monier and Westile.


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