Case Histories - Concrete Pavement

South Carolina DOT Reconstructs and Widens Interstate 20 in Richland County with Concrete

Concrete is selected for improvements to Interstate 20 in Richland County, South Carolina largely due to the project's minimal disruption to traffic and the product's long-life.

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Concrete Overlay Provides Longer Service Life on Route 210 Near Washington, DC Beltway in Maryland

To minimize construction delays and maximize project life, the Maryland State Highway Administration chose concrete overlay for a Washington, DC feeder corridor.

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Concrete Pavement Enhances the Mobility of I-485 and I-85 in Charlotte, North Carolina for Years to Come

North Carolina Department of Transportation utilized the design-build method to integrate three separate concrete pavement projects that will complete the I-485 and widen I-85 northeast of Charlotte.


Interstate 75 in Dooly County, Georgia: A Shining Example of Long-Lasting Concrete Pavements

Interstate 75 in Dooly County, Georgia was originally constructed in 1961 as a four-lane concrete roadway; two additional lanes were added in the 1990s. After 53 years of service with high traffic volume, improvements were needed to replace the original four lanes and widen the outside shoulders.


Joliet Intermodal Terminal Improves Rail Traffic in Chicago Area

Chicago serves as the nation’s largest rail center. To support the continued growth in the rail and truck transport business throughout the region, Union Pacific constructed the $370 million Joliet Intermodal Terminal located approximately 45 miles southwest of Chicago. The facility not only provided greater container capacity, it also improved rail traffic efficiencies in and around Chicago.


Stringless Technology Brings High Degree of Success to Iowa Road 

Early in 2009, a 9.5-mile long two-lane concrete overlay project was completed on route V18 in Poweshiek County near Brooklyn, Iowa. Manatts, Inc., was the contractor and completed the project using a GOMACO slipform paver. Reports from the project indicated a high degree of success and a potentially bright future for stringless technology.



More Information

The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center offers a Guide to the Design of Concrete Overlays Using Existing Methodologies which provides the key elements of the six major types of concrete overlays along with specifics on materials, typical sections, and important construction elements.