Materials FAQs

  • Are plaster, stucco, and EIFS the same?

  • What are appropriate sheathing materials for plaster construction?

  • What are the correct proportions for stucco? Is there a difference between the coats?

  • What type of cements can be used to make stucco?

  • Where can I buy stucco?


  • Can stucco (portland cement plaster) be applied directly over painted brick?

  • Does stucco require curing, and if it does, how is this best accomplished?

  • Does the type of joint in plaster affect its spacing or location?

  • How is stucco applied over insulating concrete forms (ICFs)?

  • Is it necessary to use a bonding agent with stucco?

  • Plaster is placed in two or three layers, or “coats.” Are there guidelines or restrictions on placing each successive coat?

  • What is the correct thickness of stucco?

  • What is the installed weight of portland cement plaster?

  • What is the proper spacing for contraction/expansion joints in portland cement plaster/stucco applications?

  • Why use building paper?

Performance FAQs

  • How long does stucco last on a building?

  • Now that we are seeing cold weather, are there any restrictions on plastering at lower temperatures? Can installation in too low a temperature be problematic for any aspect of stucco work, say, getting a durable finish?

  • What kind of fire rating does plaster provide?


  • Can I paint stucco to get the color I want?

  • What is a fog coat?

  • How do you create ornamental shapes on plaster surfaces?

  • Can stucco, portland cement plaster, be cleaned, and if so, what methods should be used?

  • What are common stucco finish textures? Is there anywhere to view them?