Education Foundation

Expanding Knowledge of Cement and Concrete

The Portland Cement Association Education Foundation funds a variety of educational activities that increase public knowledge regarding appropriate uses of cement and concrete.

Mission: The PCA Education Foundation supports education and research that extends the use of cement and concrete.

Goals: (a) Support major industry research and education initiatives; (b) Support schools teaching and students studying concrete-related courses; and (c) Support industry training by sponsoring the IEEE/PCA technical conference.

The support provided by the Education Foundation is used to identify and attract outstanding candidates in the field of engineering and the physical sciences and provide them with the necessary support to complete their studies. Additionally, this support is intended to provide them an opportunity for productive work in the cement and concrete industries. Read more on the Research Fellowship Program.

The support of the industry is vital to the growth of the Foundation and its ability to have a significant impact. Initially established in 2001 with funding of $3.5 million from PCA, the Foundation invites you to contribute to this valuable resource. You can take advantage of tax deductions for contributing to the Foundation as it is a 501(c)3 organization. For more information on how you can contribute or participate, contact Paul Tennis.

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